:: Tourism


The hotel this one located in the Region of the Flowers that understand Ruiz de Montoya's municipalities,
Capioví, Puerto Rico, Garuhape, El Alcazar, Caraguatay and Monte-Carlo. The above mentioned region is to 115 km
Of Put by the Route Nac. 12 and to 100 km from Iguazú for the same national artery. Also
We form a part of the Route of the Yerba mate.

:: Here it can know the dates of provincial holidays.
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:: Parque natural Municipal Salto Capioví
2 y ½” has, With a path of interpretation of the vegetation of 500 mts of tour,
Three bridges on the creek gridirons, tables, an amphitheatre, sanitary, wardrobes and
Tourist information and buffet, and a water wheel that is an honoring to
The first .-

:: Paisaje protegido "La Costanera"
I walk of 600 mts crossing the margen of the creek Capioví, it possesses abundant
Shade and banks.

:: Parque Las Camelias
To 400 mts of the Route Nac. N º 12, former property of the family. Petcoff,
It is a walk with paths, banks, hammocks and in the epoch of flowering it fills of camelias.-

:: Parque de la Ciudad
4 has, In him they find ASTROCAP's facilities, it possesses the " Path of the Health ",
Tour with relays and certain exercises, playones for basketball and volley,
with a project to turn an existing creek into a small lake artificial.-

:: Museo histórico
One of the Capioví's first constructions lodges nowadays the museum of the municipio.-

:: Parroquia San Luis Gonzaga
Opened every day, it is surrounded with a wooded park.

:: Granja Navidad

A 6 kms of Capioví, way terrado in good condition, breakfasts, snacks,
Lunches crossed by the mount, activities of farm. Every day

:: Granja Oro Verde

A 10 kms Of Capioví, way in good condition, breakfasts, snacks,
Crossed by the mount, activities of farm. Monday to Saturdays.

:: Emprendimiento de piscicultura del Sr. Tarcisio Strieder
With degustation of products and illustrative chats to the visit.-

:: Camping Libertad
To 4 kms of Capioví, sink of big dimensions with aquatic slide,
Service of canteen, 70 gridirons, banks, tables, sanitary,
Walks astride. Field of football 7, volley. Every day from December to March.

:: Camping JC
To 1 km from Capioví, on the riverbed of the creek San Alberto, service of canteen,
Gridirons, quinchos, banks, tables, sanitary, field of football 7, volley,
You reject. Every day in season or with reservations.