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The Hotel Castillo is strategically located in the access to Capioví's tourist locality, in the center west of the Province of Misiones. Located on the National Route 12; that joins to the cities of Put and Port Iguazú; and distant 120 and 180 km respectively of each of them; it turn out to be an obliged step and a safe rest for the tourists who visit the Province of Misiones.

The construction of the Hotel and inauguration of the same one for the first time dates back of the year 1987, with the only aim to lodge exclusively to the personnel of the known company wastebasket of our locality. Thus it worked during more than ten years, until they changed the conditions of the company, forcing her to part with the land and with the Hotel.

In 1999, the hotel is acquired by Mr Hugo Castillo, a son of Capioví, player of football in Mexico, who takes the decision to invest, to grow and generate more sources of work in his natal people, adopting from then the name of HOTEL CASTILLO.

The Hotel Castillo has gained in the last years a great prestige and recognition in the zone, from the extension of his services of housing and dining room, the construction of new rooms, the incorporation of a swimming pool and the constant training and good attention of his personnel. Nowadays it possesses 31 rooms, frigobar, restaurant, swimming pool, covered parking, lounge of meetings and events and other services that it transformed into the only Hotel Three Stars of the "Region of the flowers"

International prize to the Hotels, Gastronomy and Tourism 2008

The Hotel Castillo has been recently recognized by the " International Prize to the Hotelery, Gastronomy and Tourism 2008 ", for the quality in the attention that gives his visitors of the whole world. The award is granted together for " Publishing Scullery and the " Trade Leaders Club "; by virtue of the excellence in the services that offer the companies of the tourist sector. The company received simultaneously the golden emblem " Global Quality Management ".

In 2007, members of the " Trade Leaders Club " visited and evaluated hotels and other companies of the tourist Argentine sector. In Misiones the Hotel Castillo was selected as one of 50 companies candidates to obtaining the international distinction. The choice was realized across the vote of more than 7.000 companies associated with the publications in 112 countries.

Between the aspects that the partners evaluated during his visit they find the initiative and quality; both in the facilities of the hotel and in the internal, external management and of the personnel; in all of them the Hotel Castillo managed to be outlined, reaching this way the international mention, delivered in January, 2008 in Madrid, Spain. In order to celebrate close to whom they accompanied the company from his creation, the executives of the hotel invited colleagues of the tourist provincial activity, clients and suppliers, civil servants of the area, municipal and provincial authorities, mass media, Capioví's community and neighboring localities to the presentation of the international trophy.

In the above mentioned opportunity the Government of the Province of Misiones, across the Sub-secretary of Tourism and the Department of Ecology, Natural Renewable Resources and Tourism, has granted a " Special Recognition " of the merit and of the excellence in the services that the Hotel offers to the tourists who visit the Province of Misiones.

All the guests of the Hotel Castillo are received by warmth, amiability and personalized attention.