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National holiday of the Tea
Place: Campo Vieira
Date: Third week of May
Missions it concentrates 90 % of the plantations of Argentine Tea, producing a total of 50.000 tons per year of black tea, supplying the internal market and exporting to different countries. This Holiday is the honoring to the effort of the producers and to the kindness of the nature. Folklore festival, Commercial, Agroindustrial, Cultural and Handcrafted Exhibition.

National holiday of the Yerba Mate
Place: Apostles
Date: Third week of November

National holiday of the Immigrant
Place: Oberá (Park of the Nations (Routes Native 14 and Provincial 5).
Date: 1 º week of September
As consequence of the diverse migratory currents that had the Province, a crucible of races originates, fourteen collectivities being counted nowadays. Since consequence of the conviviality of the nationalities the cultures and the traditions take form of this Holiday. The collectivities present his typical houses, show restraint, suits, music, dances and crafts. Federation of Collectivities. Park of the Nations. (3360) Oberá.

National holiday of the Orchid and Provincial of the Flower
Place: Park Vortisch. Montecarlo
Date: Updated October. Congress Argentino de Orquideología.
The whole color, the harmony and to flutter of the nature in the pavilions of exhibition of Orchids, accompanied of symposiums and informative chats on topics as culture and care of orchids, plants and flowers; with the principal aim to promote the activity of the floriculturists, orquidiófilos and ecologists of the country and neighboring countries. Artistic festival, National choice of the Queens of the Orchid and Provincial of the Flower and premiación of the out-standing species.

National festival of the Music of the Littoral
Place: Amphitheatre Manuel Antonio Ramirez. Posadas.
Date of accomplishment: The Second week November
It organizes: Municipality of the city of Put. Direction of Culture.

Place: Posadas
Date: Ends of September
Spectacular color, pace and emotion in the parade of coaches and show of extras of the secondary colleges of the City of Put and of the Provincial Interior. Premiación of the best coaches and groups of dances. This traditional event of the City of Put is realized from the year 1950
It organizes: APES (Association Posadeña of Secondary Students).

Provincial holiday of the Small peach
Place: Locality of Cerro Azull

National holiday of the wood
Place: San Vicente's Locality.
Date: November.
In the Province of Misiones the Subtropical Jungle proliferates still today with his species of the highest glasses, his wood of law of attractive seams and noble resistance.

Provincial holiday of the Beer
Place: German - Argentine Club. Leandro N. Alem.
Date: The Second Week of November.
Leandro N. Alem, named " The Capital of the Happiness " for the characteristic of his people, is a beautiful city of the zone center of the province, which during eight nights opens his arms and his hearts giving the welcome to all the brothers brasilian, Paraguayans, Uruguayans, Chileans and Argentinians to live through wonderful days of confraternity and pleasing recollections.

Provincial holiday of the Ice cream
Place: El Dorado
Date: the second week of January

Festival of the Tent
Place: Municipal Resort in Itacaruaré's Locality.
Date: The First week of January (to confirming).

Festival of the Teacher
Place: Locality of Big Field.
Date: to confirming

Provincial festival of the Salto Encantado
Place: Aristóbulo's Locality of the Valley.
Meeting of the Churches, of the Collectivities, of the Childhood, of the Youth and of the Family. Regional music, local dishes of the collectivities of immigrants, artistic Festival, commercial, agricultural, institutional, cultural and religious Stands.

Festival of the essence
Place: Locality of The Haughty one.
Date: November.
Reports: Delegation of the Secretariat of Tourism in The Haughty one.

Provincial holiday of the Tourism
Place: Port Iguazú
Date: December
Artistic festival. Delivery of the prizes "Luis Honorio Rolón" and "Eduardo Krunkamp" to the companies that are outlined anually in the tourist activity. Choice of the Provincial Queen of the Tourism.

Provincial festival of the Rapadura
Place: Locality of Santa Ana.
Date: November.
Reports: Municipality of Santa Ana. Telephone 03752-497014 03752-497014.

International marathon of Varied Embarked Fishing 20 hours
Place: Posadas (Club of Fishing and Science of navigation Pirá Pytá.)
Date: the second week of October
Competition between groups of up to two fishermen, for 20 hours, trying to obtain in the impressive Rio Parana, the major quantity of species (Gilding, Surubí, Salmon, Armed, Pacú, Manguruyú, Catfishes, etc. Trophies for equipments. Glasses Challenger in species. Expo 20 hours: Exhibition of elements of Fishing and Camping.

Provincial holiday of the Rancher
Place: Montecarlo (Land of the Ranchers' Association of the High Parana).
Exhibition and Premiación of chosen animals. Champions' parade of every category. Technical chats on ranching. Festival of Taming and Creole Skill. Jump competition. Auction of estate. Fair of agricultural and veterinary implements.
It organizes: Ranchers' Association of the High Parana.

International meeting of Sculpture in wood - Writers' Meeting of the MerCoSUR
Place: Locality of Leandro N. Alem.
Artistic works in roots of trees, stones, scrap. Workshops of crafts and literary.
Dates: September or October

Provincial festival of the Ecology
Place: Resort The Nice one. Field locality Ramon.
Date: March
Three days of folklore festival that is characterized for developing in a floating scene, mounted specially in the resort The Nice one, to which the artists of local and national level come moved in a canoe. The aim of the Holiday is to generate conscience on the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of the resources.
The competition of "camarataje" is one of the attractions of the holiday and The Nice one consists of voyages between backwaters and sliding panels for the waters of the creek.

Folklore festival:
" This way He Sings the Heart of Missions. Holiday of the Collectivities "
Place: Locality of May, two.
Musical bands, Ballets and Orchestras of the different collectivities. Industrial, Commercial exhibition and Agroganadera. Woodcutters' contest, mechanical saws and peeled of manioc.
12 º Edition: November, 1998.

Festival of the Chacarero
Place: Cologne Santa Rita (Alba Posse).
Date: November (to confirming)
It organizes: School of the Agricultural Family.
Subsecretary of the youth of the Province of Misiones.

Provincial holiday of the Almidón
Place: Locality of Puerto Rico.
Date: Month of July.

Provincial festival of the Colonist
Place: Locality of Dos Arroyos

Painters' meeting
Place: Oberá's City.
The participants cross natural scenes of striking beauty to translate them in works of painting, which are exposed in the House of the Culture.
Date: June (to confirming).

Interprovincial meeting of Folklore
Place: Locality of Port Thrills.

Provincial festival of the Sapucay
Place: Panambí's Locality.

Provincial Infantile festival of Folklore
Place: Locality of Garden America.
Date: September.

Festival of the Tourist
Place: Locality of Garden America.
Date: January.

Meeting of the Art and the Culture of the MerCoSUR
" Art and crafts "
Place: Eldorado's City.
Date: September.

International meeting " Mate in Motorcycle "
Place: Apostles' Locality.
Date: June.

Provincial holiday of the Kolomeika
Place: Put
With the young women's participation of the different localities of the interior of the province, choice of the best dance partner of the traditional Ukrainian dance. Choice of the Provincial Queen of the Kolomeika.
Date: November (to confirming).
It organizes: Cultural Ukrainian Association of Put

Provincial fair of the Book
Place: Oberá
Date: Month of Julio.

Provincial holiday of the Crafts
Place: Oberá
Date: September.